TTD Rar Extension Correction

Are you sick of getting multi part rar downloads that end up looking like this?

Sure you can rename them by hand but that takes a long time and gets old fast.

Introducing Rar Extension Correction 1.00

REC1.00 will take all the effort and aggravation out of fixing an incorrectly named set of rar files.  It requires an installation of WinRar.  Installation location is determined by the registry setting and rar.exe is used to determine the files correct archive volume number.

To use the software simply drag a folder with a multi part rar archive that for what ever reason does not have the correct file extensions onto the program and click go.  The default base file name is "go".  It can be changed to what ever you like in the  New Base File Name text box.

supports naming rar, r00 through r99

As of right now it has only been tested on Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, and Windows Server 2003 64 bit with WinRAR 3.90.  The .NET Framework might be required if your system does not already have it installed.  The program is free and I encourage feedback and bug reports.  If you like it please consider a donation.

This is to my knowledge the only rar extension corrector / fix / repair option available hence my inclination to write the software to begin with.

Posted November 23, 2015